Facing Procrastination And Fears


We all find comfort in procrastination.

It gives us a small moment of relief until we are forced to do what we should have done in the first place. We reassure ourselves with excuses and the promise of tomorrow, but what if you only had today?

The energy we put into blaming others or not believing in ourselves can be put into something more productive and important. Your future.

This workshop will help you stop falling into the limbo of procrastination and remove any obstacles or fears that are slowing you from achieving your dream or reaching a goal.



Who is it for?

If you have been living a “small” life because you feared to grow, you feared to speak out or show up in life and now you are ready to take more powerful action in your life, then this workshop is for you!

Managing expectations

We Deep-Dive into areas that you have avoided for some time. We compress time to free up more space for you to thrive.

Sneak peek!

Some of the workshop content is listed below:-

  • Being uncomfortable in procrastination
  • Intentions
  • Perception
  • Quality questions
  • Tracking
  • Motivation
  • Rebirth