When Your Partner No Longer Loves You… Even When You Have Given Your All… Then What?


Have you had to sacrifice your happiness to make your partner happy?

Have you regretted opening yourself entirely to someone, only to have them reject you or refuse to understand you? Do you feel like your world has turned upside down and you are unable to feel or make things right for you?

Know that you are not responsible for your partner’s actions. Every individual has a different mindset and needs in a relationship.

This workshop will teach you how to respect and love yourself. Life may be unpredictable and cause you to lose your footing, but no matter, you are capable of getting back to your feet on your own.



Who is it for?

If you gave all that you could to your partner and that still was not good enough and they left you in tatters, broken, feeling ugly, old, worthless,  useless, unlovable, like a wreck, then this course is for you!

Managing expectations

We Deep-Dive into areas that you have avoided for some time. We compress time to free up more space for you to thrive.

Sneak peek!

Some of the workshop content is listed below:-

  • You gave and you lost, but did you really?
  • Let’s go there- real talk
  • Confidence
  • You can do this!
  • Image and Image
  • Yes, it is uncomfortable, now what?
  • Critical questions, observations and comments
  • Home truths
  • Creative solutions