Caring For Carers Empowering You To Stop Putting Your Dreams On Hold!


Are you a carer looking after a loved one?

Have you been given the sole responsibility, despite having other family members well than capable of helping out too? Do they criticise and pick at everything you do, making you feel as though nothing you do is right?

For those who’ve had to sacrifice their dreams and work hours to support others, this workshop is dedicated to you. Your health and wellbeing are as important as those around you. You deserve to live a life you desire. Let us help you manage your current situation.



The relationship between a parent and child is important and differs for every individual.

Do you dictate your children’s lives and use them to fulfil dreams or things you didn’t achieve in your childhood? Or does your child prioritise activities such as games, social media, meet-ups with friend, instead of being proactive and thinking about the impact they want to make on their futures?

This workshop will help you seek guidance on how to mend your relationship with your child and rekindle the love and respect.