About Crushed to Sparkle

Who can benefit from Crushed to Sparkle?

Anyone feeling lost, confused, stuck, hurt, in a valley situation, wanting change in their life and unsure how to get started.
Anyone who has a broken relationship with themselves and others.

What’s inside this powerful toolkit?

Crushed to Sparkle is a holistic healing self -discovery journey journal toolkit. Where you meet your PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE SELF!

You are encouraged to complete activities that deep dive into your life and help you to find clarity. Upon completion you hold in you hand a piece of your own HERstory or HIStory.  As you are the content creator, each toolkit is customised and personalised by you, to you with love xxx

What are some of the Activities inside Crushed to Sparkle?

  1. Motivational quotes
  2. Diaries: Sleep, Food & drinking, goals, exercise, 7, 14, 21+ planners
  3. A chapter dedicated to carers, unsung heroes and heroines of society
  4. Fast Track to self discovery
  5. Facing procrastination
  6. Letting Go!
  7. Les Brown “Unstuck Chapter”
  8. Magic keys
  9. Private party and fashion show
  10. Prayers for all denominations
  11. Plus 4 stage process to move your life forward!
  12. And so much more!

How Juliyah Brown can help you?

Be Free With Your Feelings...

When you think about your life, what comes to mind first? Your responsibilities or your aspirations?

Do you feel fulfilled right now or are you paralysed by your insecurities, whether it be personally or professionally?

Maybe you don’t feel anything at all and are simply getting through life like a chore. But how long can you continue on hiding your tears, putting on a pretence that everything is okay?

Bottling your feelings will do more harm than good. Our mood changes periodically, sometimes without our control. We can’t always be happy, but that doesn’t mean we should always be depressed.

Life is all about balance. You can achieve this if you are willing to deal with those feelings you’ve brushed off and move head-first into the life you want. I am here to help you do just that.

As a personal growth and professional development coach, I have helped many people work through their innate emotions, whether it be the fear of being inadequate as a parent, partner, or moving forward with a new career choice that could change their future.

I provide them with the tools, strategies and proven systems that will help them deal with these issues and maintain a healthy response to any obstacles they may face.

If you are tired of letting your negative, intruding thoughts take hold of you or need a push into making a vital change in your life, then let’s have a chat and transform your life.