Transition To Transform

I Help People To Accept, Embrace and Transform Their Lives,
By Strengthening Their Mind, Heart and Soul, So That They
Can Sparkle Like The True Diamond They Are!

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    Meet Juliyah Brown

    Juliyah Brown is an author, teacher, trainer, coach, professional, motivational and inspirational public speaker. She is educated to Master’s level with a Distinction. She has set up social enterprise hubs for micro businesses, professionals’ education training, learning and community development.

    Juliyah is passionate about helping people become the best they can be. She is fun, fair and firm. She lays bare many ways of decluttering, streamlining and bringing clarity to your life.

    Your Journey To An Extraordinary Life!

    Have you read the amazing, life-affirming debut book, Crushed to Sparkle, by Juliyah Brown?

    Here’s why you should read it:

    “This is no ordinary book, as you are no ordinary person!

    This book has the secret to create an extraordinary life for you, if you are open to changing your way of thinking and doing things. It will require you to extend your thinking beyond your physical being into a spiritually-connected being, at one with divine energy source.

    Therefore, if you are ready to apply and implement what is being shared, within this self-discovery  holistic healing tool kit, which is a guide.  It  is a journey journal where you will meet your past, present and future self now! And your future self will thank you.”

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    Are you in need of detoxing your mind of negative thoughts and dealing with your mental, physical and emotional issues? Visit our sister website, Crushed to Sparkle, to see how our workshops can transform your life, from crushed to sparkled!

    An Extraordinary Book, Enabling Readers To Write And Create Their Own History.

    "Juliyah has been most industrious to capture a collection of her own life experiences and that of so many others into such a proactive and captivating book.

    This is an extraordinary book, which enables the reader to write and create their own history whilst reading.

    This self-discovery toolkit also includes useful quotes from a variety of learned sources, which triggers personal reflection and creates a deeper and meaningful inner connection.

    This journey journal is creatively put together in 5 parts.

    1. 4 Pillars
    2. Fast track to self- discovery
    3. Bonus gifts
    4. Juliyah’s Magic keys
    5. VIP

    Juliyah’s style is so conversational, that you feel she is literally speaking to you personally, right off the page.

    Juliyah is so passionate in giving the reader tools, to help them to live the life they desire and deserve.

    This book should be on your bookshelf or in your bookcase and I believe it should be read at least once a year, to enable the reader to see their life history unfolding and their own story organically evolve."

    Vishal Morjaria - Award Winning Author