Children and Exclusions Parents Support course


In this workshop, we will look to empower the child, their parent, carer, guardians to present a defence to argue against their child being excluded and to help manage reintegration back into education.

You are warmly warned, that this workshop does contain a lot of laws, however, it is organised in a way to aid your learning and implementation.  This workshop is divided into 5 units.

  1. The Basics
  2. Public Law
  3. Who can help me?
  4. The real impact of exclusions
  5. Black excellence.

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No child willingly wants to me excluded. No parent, carer or guardian wants to know that their child has been excluded. However, what do you do, if your child has been excluded? What questions should you ask?  What documents should you have access to? What laws could you apply to help reengage your child back into education?


“You are not alone, Be Safe, Be Kind, Stay strong and know that you are loved” xxx

Who is it for?
Parents, carers and guardians

Managing expectations
Exclusions is a journey into the unknown, the future seems uncertain and daunting. Exclusions come with a huge amount of documentation and complicated legalistic information. Exclusions usually come with little support or guidance around the emotional, financial difficulty and possible mental health challenges that are involved with the process.

This workshop is designed with you in mind, you are not alone!

Sneak peek!
Some of the workshop content is listed below:-

  • Perception
  • Overcoming Road Blocks
  • Glossary
  • Key Policies
  • What powers Head Teachers have to permanently exclude
  • How to use the Laws to help your case
  • Help and support to empower parents, carers and guardians
  • Useful resources
  • Black Excellence