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Journey into the wonderful story of you:
Self Analysis and Discovery

Are you tired of being the person you are today?

Do you feel you need to change or start anew, but don’t know how to?

To create the best version of ourselves, reflection is important as well as rewarding. We must learn to dig deep within ourselves and rebuild our identity from the inside. What are your habits? What kind of mindset do you have and has that helped you in life?  

This workshop allows you to see yourself in a positive, inspiring light, bringing to the surface feelings you may not have felt before towards yourself.

My Relationship with my child(ren)

The relationship between a parent and child is important and differs for every individual.

Do you dictate your children’s lives and use them to fulfil dreams or things you didn’t achieve in your childhood? Or does your child prioritise activities such as games, social media, meet-ups with friend, instead of being proactive and thinking about the impact they want to make on their futures?

This workshop will help you seek guidance on how to mend your relationship with your child and rekindle the love and respect.

Caring for carers empowering you to stop putting your dreams on hold!

Are you a carer looking after a loved one?

Have you been given the sole responsibility, despite having other family members well than capable of helping out too? Do they criticise and pick at everything you do, making you feel as though nothing you do is right?

For those who’ve had to sacrifice their dreams and work hours to support others, this workshop is dedicated to you. Your health and wellbeing are as important as those around you. You deserve to live a life you desire. Let us help you manage your current situation.

Single parenting and education system

Being a single parent is hard, especially when it comes to nurturing your child.

In some cases, schools aid in a child’s temperament, but sometimes they don’t. Is your child constantly labelled as “average”? Are they made to feel that they are incapable of excelling that label? Do you feel you’ve had to give your child more support instead of the school?

This workshop will help you shape your child’s education and attitude towards schoolwork. Every child needs confidence to succeed.

Women with trust issues

Many women are burdened and pressured with responsibilities.

They go into marriage, full of love, but in most cases, don’t receive the same treatment from their other half. As a result, these women have been celibate for several years, because they’ve been mentally, physically or emotionally neglected.

This workshop involves working through those repressed issues and helping you heal. You deserve to love unconditionally and without the fear of being hurt again. 

Co Create - Be your own author, architecture and artist of your life!

You are responsible for the path you take in life.

The decisions and memories you make are solely yours. Too much talent has gone to waste due to low self-esteem. We live too much in our heads and analyse all possible scenarios without actually trying them out and facing the outcome.

Understandably, life is intimidating. We are made to feel we have only one chance in life. We cannot measure the predictability of life, but we can only live it if we follow our heart.

This workshop will help you discover that talent you have hidden away. We will break that fear down and let your gift shine through. 

Facing procrastination and fears

We all find comfort in procrastination.

It gives us a small moment of relief until we are forced to do what we should have done in the first place. We reassure ourselves with excuses and the promise of tomorrow, but what if you only had today?

The energy we put into blaming others or not believing in ourselves can be put into something more productive and important. Your future.

This workshop will help you stop falling into the limbo of procrastination and remove any obstacles or fears that are slowing you from achieving your dream or reaching a goal.

Letting go… How do I do that?

At different stages in our life, the path gets prickly, leaving us with scars and experiences that are traumatising.

People on the outside will tell you to “move on” or “let go”, but how does one do that? How do we put aside the triggering moments that haunt our minds and sleep?

With that being said, keeping that pain inside is as destructive as letting it out. it’s time to stop using substitutes or instant gratifications to cure long term suffering.

This workshop will help you step by step in dealing with your pain and letting go. Nothing can offer a quick healing fix, but if you are willing, you will find yourself healing, no matter what pace you take. Healing should not be a lonely process.

When your partner no longer loves you… even when you have given your all… Then what?

Have you had to sacrifice your happiness to make your partner happy?

Have you regretted opening yourself entirely to someone, only to have them reject you or refuse to understand you? Do you feel like your world has turned upside down and you are unable to feel or make things right for you?

Know that you are not responsible for your partner’s actions. Every individual has a different mindset and needs in a relationship.

This workshop will teach you how to respect and love yourself. Life may be unpredictable and cause you to lose your footing, but no matter, you are capable of getting back to your feet on your own.

Life after abortion… how to heal, how to live again.

Are you someone who has been forced to make an unbearable choice, keep your partner or your child?

Did the stigma faced by single parents scare you into believing you couldn’t raise your child without your partner? Do you feel that your body is being controlled by another? Or maybe your unfortunate situation, for whatever reason, has left you with the only option to abort your child?

How have you dealt with the loss?

This workshop is designed to help you deal with the feeling of emptiness. A choice that was made or forced upon doesn’t have to rule over your life.

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Do you want to improve your image and  social impact?

Are you sapiosexual? If not, why not?

Lets's explore BODY FUSION aligning the mind, body and spirit.

Wealth Creation

Would you love more money than month?

Learn creative and practical ways to make your: money, assets, resources, ideas, contacts.... work for you. 

Learn to live, laugh, love, life!

Create the lifestyle that you desire.

Get A Special Discount, By Joining the Crushed To Sparkle Community!

Each Of Our Workshops Are Priced £49.50, But Get An Amazing Discount, When You Sign Up Monthly Or Annually!

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